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There is no alternative to self-discipline

The whole world applauds a winner on the Olympic podium as he or she proudly displays the coveted medal. But how many of us know the hard work, sacrifices and immense self-discipline that each and every one of these athletes does and possesses to achieve the height of success. Often, sadly only the success of achievers is seen by the milieu and not what it takes to reach this stage.

Ask any of the Olympic champs and they will start by stating that self-discipline is the pillar of their training schedule. Self-discipline is the ability to say no to things that are not good for you; the ability to steer clear of bad habits and staying on track; the ability to control the mind.

But anyone who has tried to be self-disciplined will tell you that this is one task that is by far the hardest and yet the most powerful. Self-discipline is not only essential in sport but also in all walks of life; a self-disciplined person will learn the importance of patience, perseverance, planning, sacrifice and the value of time and hard work.

Where should you be self-disciplined?

· Sleep
Getting up from bed is one of the biggest challenges anyone faces. This is the first hurdle that any achiever has to cross and for that discipline is required. To say goodbye to slumber and get up early morning to practice or train is hard work but is a must if you wish to be successful. Be ready to give up the extra sleep each morning.

· Food
Once again the bane of any successful athlete or fitness freaks is poor dietary habits. An occasional indulgence in one’s favorite food is good for the palate and the mind but on a regular basis is most certainly “No.” You must show immense restrain in reaching out for food that is not good for your body. This is one battle between the palate and the mind; make sure your mind wins it!

· Skin routine
Our skin demands regular care to look young and fresh. It’s important to remember about the morning and night routine. In order to improve the condition of your skin, visit professional skincare clinics like Botaniqua where the team of specialists uses modern techniques in aesthetic medicine.

· Late Nights
The urge to party and stay up all night will be immense, but guard yourself against falling into that trap; many a promising career ended because of lack of self-discipline in this aspect. Your body requires the minimum sleep to recuperate and be ready for a new day so steer clear of late-night parties.

· Smoke and drink
Two of the deadliest habits for any fitness freak, smoking and drinking can ruin your life. Unfortunately, they are so addictive that breaking away from them will not be easy and that is when self-discipline will save you.

· TV and electronic gadgets
Sadly our lives have become overwhelming dependent on electronic gadgets. There is no denying that life is better with technology in the palm of your hand, but when it becomes addictive it is time to move on. Watching TV or using the Smartphones can drain you mentally and leave you exhausted; hence minimize the usage and indulge in other healthy habits like gardening or reading a book.

· Feeling comfortable
A very big reason for people to give up is because of the ensuing pain and body ache in a new fitness regime or training schedule, and the hunger pangs in case of a new diet. Nobody said that fitness, good body, and success are easy; there is a price that one must pay and that is by forgoing the comforts of the former lifestyle. You require additional will power when you have to fight the urge of going back to your comfort food or stopping with a painful fitness regime.

How to be self-disciplined

It is hard to say no to unhealthy food, harmful habits like smoke and drink and laziness. But to be self-disciplined is not as hard as perceived; according to Robin Sharma’s (modern-day leadership guru) book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” when any routine is followed continuously for 21 Days it becomes a habit. You can make self-discipline a habit by following these simple guidelines:

1. The minute your brain is ready to give up, tell yourself, “I can do it” and walk away from the temptation whatever it is like food, drink smoke, laziness, and procrastination.
2. Make a list of your goals and stick it where you can read it every single day.
3. Congratulate yourself for every act of will power which keeps you away from bad habits.