I started going to Dr. Corpus for my dental needs after a friend of mine raved about what a wonderful dentist she was. We both find her to be an extremely caring doctor, who never rushed us through our appointments, but rather spends whatever time necessary to make us feel at ease, comfortable and get the job done right. Dr. Corpus has a very strong passion in making sure that whatever work she does for her patients is done top notch!

Gus, her assistant, goes out of his way to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole procedure; and Margaret, she is so nice and very good at what she does. She makes sure you are happy and satisfied with your appointment dates. She is also very good at taking care of all of your insurance needs.

Dr. Corpus put in a new bridge for my upper and lower teeth and they look so nice! I have been receiving so many compliments from friends, family, and co-workers about how much better my smile and teeth look now. I've gone to many dentists over my lifetime, but none can compare to Dr. Mary Ann Corpus. She is the best, and I would highly recommend her.

C. Eastman

A few years ago, Dr. Corpus was able to help me prepare my "pearly whites" for my wedding! She patiently guided and educated me about Invisalign and how to keep my teeth white until the big day! Thanks to her, my teeth were perfect and ready for pictures all day!

A. Aguilar

My first visit to Dr. Corpus was over 10 years ago. My teeth started off on a bad path but through the patience and guidance of Dr. Corpus, they are now in tip-top shape. Over the years I have referred numerous friends to her practice. I rarely do that unless I feel the customer service and overall experience is great. I have received the best care not only from Dr. Corpus but from her team as well. I would highly recommend her practice. Your teeth will not regret it!

From a smiling patient,

C. Franco

How do you make 6 kids (and a husband) go to the dentist???? Very simple, have Mary Ann Corpus as your dentist.

She is great with adults and kids all ages, she is patient, thorough and personable. She takes her time to explain what she is doing, is gentle and understanding. Her office reflects a friendly environment and she has a great staff, who have been with her for years

After being her patient for more then 10 years with ONLY pleasant experiences, my kids (and husband) are never afraid to go for their check-ups. We have recommended her to all of our family and friends, and they all share the same experience and have been seeing her for years now.

Thank you Mary Ann for making taking care of your teeth, so simple and easy.

B. Lee

I was lucky to find Dr. Corpus years ago. Dr. Corpus has always been someone you look forward to seeing. She is always friendly and takes a genuine interest in her patients, not only their teeth. When I was frightened and waiting to find out if I had ovarian cancer Dr. Corpus was there to talk, even though I was to afraid to talk at the time. Later we laughed when it all resolved in the best way. She is an artful dentist that I have learned a lot from regarding teeth as well as how great a dentist can be. Now I am doing invisalign to rearrange my once aligned teeth. She makes it all so easy! No need to be afraid of Dr. Corpus's chair. When you meet her and her wonderful staff, you will see what I mean.

C. Woodward

I have been a patient of Dr. Corpus since the fall of 2000. I can't imagine going to another dentist.

She is extremely skillful, gentle and a kind person as well. I can almost fall asleep while she works on my teeth

Dr. Corpus truly cares about her patients. One can't help but notice this. She suggested the Zoom teeth whitening procedure and I could not be happier with the results.

Dr. Corpus has a friendly and helpful staff too! If you need to choose a dentist, by all means, consider Dr. Corpus.

B. Doukas